Atılım University is celebrating its 20th anniversary 


Culture and Communication in Anatolia: Past, Present and Future
June 15-17, 2016 |  Atılım University, Ankara, Turkey

Submission of Abstracts and Papers

Abstract of a research paper should be sent via email.

  • A full paper is a formal presentation on original research by one or more authors.
  • The length of abstract of individual paper should be at least 600 words that enable reviewers to make a sound decision.
  • The abstract must include three main paragraphs:
    1. (1) sufficient rationale for the study that leads to the specific subject matter to be studied,
      (2) proper explanation of the method, and
      (3) main conclusion(s) of the study only if it is completed.
    • Abstract should also include name(s), affiliation(s) and email address(es) of author(s)
    • Abstract should use 12pt Times New Roman, single-space and Microsoft word.
    • It must be written in English or Turkish.
    • The time limit of paper presentation is 20 minutes and it will be strictly adhered to.
    • Authors will be notified of acceptance, revision or rejection of their abstracts and papers within three weeks of their mailing date.
    • Important: Acceptance of abstract means only (a)presentation in the sympsoium and (b) placement in the online symposium abstracts at the Atilim University Public Relatons and Advertising Department web-page.
    • Submitted papers must have minimum 3500 and maximum 7000 words. Exceeding the maximum length is allowed for only very special studies with highly significant contributions.
    • Paper should adhere the correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing style.
    • Paper must follow the strict guidelines of the APA6
    • Important: Acceptance of an abstract does not mean automatic acceptance of the full paper for publishing in the symposium book or Atılım University Social Science Journal. The full papers will undergo scientific review.
    • Presentations of guest speakers and accepted papers will be published in the symposium book.
    • Plagiarized materials and materials with collections of existing literature are unacceptable and will be rejected.
    • Submission deadline for abstracts is May 27, 2016.
    • Submission deadline for the final paper is September 15, 2016
    • You may submit your abstract and paper by email to
    • Please press here to download the abstract submission form.
    • Please submit your research paper as separate file to
    important note: Only the latest and revised conditions and rules of symposium Sempozyum is valid, not the previous one(s)